Grab a bag of popcorn and head to the silver screen!


What: The Social
Network Viewing Party

When: Friday,
October 1, 2010

Where: A theatre
near you!

Why: With the wild
popularity of Facebook and social media as an industry – it’s no surprise that
I’m marking my calendar to see this film.

If you haven’t
heard of the movie (shame on you), I’ll try not to hold that against you. It is
a story about the founders of Facebook. With the tagline of “you don’t get to
500 million friends without making a few enemies”, it’s sure to have the box

office booming for a few weeks.  Adapted from Ben Mezrich's 2009 book The
Accidental Billionaires, the film focuses on the tumultuous early years of
Facebook, which was founded in 2004, and is loaded with an ensemble cast, which
consists of Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake, Brenda Song,
Rashida Jones, Max Minghella, Rooney Mara, Malese Jow, Shelby Young, and Joseph

Given that there
has been an entire movie dedicated to the growth of Facebook, I find it
interesting to sit back and take a look at history in the making. According to
the YouTube Video, Social Media Revolution 2,
Facebook tops Google for weekly traffic in the U.S. Never before has our world
been so connected. Thanks to social media and sites like Facebook, we can talk
to friends at all hours of the day in countries thousands of miles away, and
it’s obvious, we love it. So, will you be marking your calendar for October 1?

Even though the
movie has people in the social media, public relations, marketing, and
advertising industries buzzing, the co-founders have spoken up this summer
about their concerns, Zuckerberg, currently Facebook’s CEO, had some negative comments about the
film when he took the stage at the D conference, saying he wished the movie had
not been made.

Check out the
trailer here.

By Carrie Crabill

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