Managing Your Social Media Accounts Without Them Managing You

Everyone is on board with social media. It is here to stay and companies (B2B and Consumer) can and should find a way to use it.  So, the question immediately becomes HOW to manage it all.

Do you empower and give admin rights to your employees? Do you hire someone to manage all your properties or do it yourself and use a tool that lets you post to multiple properties at once with the same message? Do you hire an agency that specializes in social media management?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic answer.  You have to determine what method works best for you, your company, your employees, your customers and your budget. Thankfully there are tools to help no matter what method you determine is right for your business.

Helpful Technology Tool For Going it Alone:
– A free downloadable program that allows you to manage multiple social media accounts/feeds from one platform.

Helpful Technology Tools for Going the Team/Agency Route:
Sprout Social
is a ideal tool for uploading messages to multiple social media sites with one click.  Also allows multiple team members to access and update.

is a complete social media management system for businesses and organizations. Its web-based dashboard allows you to post to and manage various social media profiles, including Google+.

SproutSocial and HootSuite are also great if you have one person managing your social media, but they have the capability to expand as your team expands.

Happy Posting!

By, Heather Graham | @hlgfsu

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