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We’ve been challenged for 2011 to read at least six books from our agency reading list.  We’ve even decided to bring our clients into the fold by picking out great books from this year’s list and sending one to each client.  I love to read, but don’t read as much as I should (I have two children 3 years and 9 months) as sleep is usually a more attractive offer come 10 or 11 pm when I finally slow down for the day.  So, getting the reading list from work took part of the hard work out of it.  A list of great books – vetted by folks in the office already – and a built in book club to discuss my readings was just what I needed to kick-start the reading habit again.

The books on the TK Reading List range in topics and length, but they all serve a general purpose – expand our thoughts and help us formulate new ideas and concepts that will guide us in our professional lives.  I encourage my son to read (well, he is only three, so we read to him) – to expand his horizons and to help him learn – so why wouldn’t I do the same for myself?

I’ve already started with Jon Stewart’s book Earth: A Visitor's Guide to the Human Race and Who, What, Wear. Getting a head start on a new year’s challenge is never a bad thing right? Check our book list here for inspiration and please share your recommendations for our 2012 book list. We’d love to hear what inspires you! And, stay tuned, you just might find a book review or two on the blog throughout 2011.

TK Read to Lead 2011 Reading List

Earth: A Visitor's Guide to the Human Race

Born to Run

A Year in Provence

What the Dog Saw


What Tech Wants

Mid-course Correction

Trust Agents

Food Rules

Who, What, Wear


Happy New Year and Happy Reading.

By Heather Graham

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