The Digital Magazine As The New PowerPoint

Digital MagazineAs a graphic designer, I often find myself creating PowerPoint presentations for a wide variety of needs. While a traditional PowerPoint presentation can be useful, they can quickly become boring or repetitive, and they rarely excite those on the viewing end.

PowerPoint is also less than ideal to work in from a design perspective because it lacks tools and options that I’m used to finding in other software. No matter how many times I’ve created a PowerPoint deck, I still find fun surprises such as font sizes having a mind of their own, items never wanting to move to the right location or master slides not behaving the way they should.

As a solution to combat some of these issues, we’ve recently begun working with digital magazines as a new presentation format here at Trevelino/Keller's creative branch, Groovy Studios. While digital magazine options have been around for a number of years, new software choices make it easier than ever to create these engaging presentations and allow them to be seamlessly on a wide range of devices.

One platform we particularly enjoy working with is 3D Issue, a program that allows you to create a file in any software that you desire (I’m a big fan of Adobe InDesign) and then import the PDF right into 3D Issue. From there, it’s a breeze to add dynamic content such as videos and sounds or more basic items like links within the software. A few clicks later and you have a fully functioning digital publication that’s much more interesting than a standard PowerPoint presentation (and with far less obnoxious transition effects!)


About Cody Wellons

Cody Wellons is a Senior Creative Designer at Trevelino/Keller where he has his hands on everything from logo creation to website design. During his free time, Cody enjoys traveling, hiking, playing guitar and participating in just about any other activity that involves the outdoors.

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