Three Pieces of Advice to Help you Rock your First PR Agency Gig

Rock your PR Job

Prior to landing a job at Atlanta-based PR agency Trevelino/Keller I had the opportunity to work in a variety of industries including food & bev, non-profit, education and startups. T/K was my first agency gig and now that I’m settled in, there are a few things I’ve found helped me prepare for fast-paced agency life.

Take on a variety experiences

It’s human nature to explore the things we know interest us. This intrinsic fact often causes us to refrain from knocking on the door of opportunities that seem unfamiliar. Don’t be blind to diversity; take a chance to discover new interests. You may find that you enjoy some industries more than others, but you’ll also learn there are a number of ways to accomplish the same goal. Every industry operates differently and your resume will reflect your ability to adapt to each environment – which becomes really important when you’re juggling multiple clients at the same time.

Working in different industries is a great way to begin exploring your interests. You might also find it helpful to explore different roles as well. You may find that social media is not your speed and you prefer graphic design. As the old adage goes: you’ll never know until you try!

Learn how to adopt different writing styles

I’m not sure if anyone has warned you yet, but PR involves a lot of writing. The ability to adopt different brand voices will be an important skill. Task yourself to learn about a variety of brands and understand how they differentiate themselves from others in the market. Take the varying positioning of Pepsi and Coke. Although both are top contenders in the beverage category, each has its own distinct voice.

With the popularity of social media, it is easier to understand and connect with a brand’s voice. Check out their blogs and take time to really understand what they say, how they say it and how they engage with their audience. Here are a few more tips on understanding brand voice from Mashable.

Expand your media interests

The magic of agency life is working on multiple clients at one time. And let’s face it, all of your clients may not be so glamorous. Broaden your media interests beyond pop culture and check out a few trade publications in areas that you think might interest you.

While it’s important to read a wide variety of publications, also be sure to keep up with world/local news. It’s good to be informed and learn what the media finds newsworthy. It’s also a great way to get familiar with columns and writers that you may end up engaging with in the future. Having a basic understanding of their portfolio is always a plus.

The bottom line is that your comfort zone may be a little too comfortable. If you want to rock a PR agency gig, expand your horizons and be open to new things – you never know where it may take you. Agency life is certainly challenging but also incredibly rewarding. If you’re interested in joining an agency with abundant learning and growth opportunities check out our openings here.


About Brittnee Jones

Brittnee is an Assistant Account Executive at Trevelino/Keller. As a UGA Alum, she enjoys cheering on the Dawgs on the weekends and staying active in her free time.


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