7 Tips for Getting Hired at a Startup

Continuing the startup career theme from last week’s blog post, this week we’re talking about the 7 things you should do to get hired at a startup.

Every Startup Should Look for These Six Characteristics When Hiring

The startup industry is booming and provides millions of jobs every year. Startups are constantly developing and changing, and therefore, they should be taking the hiring process extremely seriously.[…]

Atlanta Influencer Spotlight: Atlanta Technology Angels

Atlanta has become the South’s heart of innovation, as evidenced by our previous blog post, Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Start a Business in Atlanta Today. Startups, influencers and capitalists[…]

Don’t Dream Big, Dream Realistic

It’s easy to be excited and dream of a perfect business scaling to become an industry leader when beginning a startup. Every entrepreneur dreams of their startup reaching horizons that no other[…]

Startup Spotlight: XYCAST

In the spirit of football season being kicked into high gear last weekend, Start-Opia highlights the Atlanta-based startup, XYCAST this week. XYCAST is known for creating technology that will enhance[…]

Three Questions to Ask Yourself When Marketing Your Brand

Marketing your new startup can be a truly daunting task. Creating the perfect brand for your product will not only take a creative risk, but there are also financial, legal, and reputation risks[…]

Five Tips for Making it as a Female Entrepreneur

It is a little known fact that the number of female entrepreneurs in the United States is quickly rising. According to Meghan Casserly at Forbes, there were more than 8.6 million women owned[…]

The Southeast’s Power Incubators

Business incubators have brought the startup energy to the Southeast with their unique spaces designed to stimulate the growth and foster the success of startup companies. Every major southeastern[…]

Hypepotamus: Another Useful Tool for the Atlanta Startup Community

Known for more than its unique and clever name, this startup resource has revolutionized the way Atlanta’s entrepreneurs connect and learn from each other. In 2012, experienced entrepreneurs Ashish[…]

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Start a Business in Atlanta Today

Typically, when one thinks of Atlanta, common staples come to mind: The World of Coke, Gone with the Wind, and Martin Luther King, Jr. among others. But if one looks a little deeper, he’d be sure to[…]

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