10 Tips for Entrepreneurs

A couple weeks ago, serial entrepreneurs Jim Garrett and Ed Trimble sat down with Start-Opia Radio. Well known among the startup community as successful “exit men,” Garrett and Trimble know how to[…]

Atlanta's Startup Incubators

Atlanta hasn’t always been a hotbed for startups, but in the past five years the city has seen startup activity multiply and grow to become an economic catalyst. What makes this possible? One reason[…]

Serial Entrepreneur Earns Spot Among '100 Most Influential Atlantans'

This week, the Atlanta Business Chronicle published their annual edition of “100 Most Influential Atlantans.” Among the recipients included philanthropists, politicians, educators, and leaders in the[…]

Start-Opia: A Light-Ning Rod For Innovation

“Stay away from the light.  Tell her quickly. The light is dangerous! Don't go near it!  Don't even look at the light!” Depending on your generation, you may or may not recall those chilling words from[…]

Maynard Webb of Yahoo! Invests in Atlanta’s StarMobile

Silicon Valley (especially Yahoo!) is paying some serious attention to local entrepreneurs. A few weeks ago, we shared Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer’s interest in acquiring Atlanta startup News[…]

Startups Raking in Big Piles of Venture Capital

Beltline & Co. Finalizes Ponce City Market as It’s HQ

Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer Goes Shopping in the Atlanta Startup Community

BusinessRadioX® Announces the Launch of Start-Opia Radio

BusinessRadioX® is pleased to announce the latest addition to its radio family, Start-Opia Radio, sponsored by Trevelino/Keller and co-hosted by veteran radio personalities Stone Payton and Lee[…]

Atlanta Startups: The Promising 25

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