Twitter Addict?


I was faced with a
harsh reality this morning when I went to log on to Twitter and the page was
"not found". What's going on I asked myself? So I tried Twhirl
(desktop application for Twitter)... "no updates".

All of a sudden a lump formed in my throat, my mouth went dry, and knees
started sweating.

But what are people saying? What are people doing? Why is this happening? If it
was any other problem I would be all over Twitter getting my intellectual

Once Twitter was finally back up the updates were flying back and forth about
reasons for the outage. I got a kick out of these two from Mashable:

2 hrs ago: @mashable Facebook Down. Twitter Down. Social Media Meltdown - http://bit.ly/8t4WY
1 hr ago: @mashable TIP: Whenever Twitter goes down, we post updates to our
Facebook page.  Follow us there too: http://bit.ly/qCnUE

So... if I’m comparing those two posts… what if Facebook goes down? Does that
mean I actually have to check the website on a regular basis? I don't

When I take a step back (and breath) for a second, I do find it interesting how
quickly we adapt to the fast paced lifestyle that social media tools allow us
to live. I'm a digital girl and this is a digital world. I want my Twitter

updates with a side of Facebook. Give me my morning coffee and then just hook
me up to an IV of Diet Coke... I'm set for the day!

Did you feel the impact of the Twitter outage or am I over analyzing?

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