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Best practice for Twitter campaignsSo you’ve decided to invest in a social media ad campaign. You’ve gone through the basics, picked your graphics, chosen your basic targeting, but what’s next? What can separate you from your competitors and truly invigorate your brand? If you want the most bang for your buck, check out some of these tips to #TweetSmarter:


Enhance your Website Cards

Website cards are quick messages with an image, a headline, and a call to action button. You can better optimize your Website Card with these ideas

  • Explain the Process: Use a concise sentence to communicate your value proposition at a glance
  • Match the Call to Action to the Outcome You Want: Use a call to action such as ‘Read more’ if you want people to look at a blog post or case study or ‘Register now’ if you want people to sign up
  • Experiment to Refine Your Approach: Try out different photos, messages, and call to action buttons to find your happy medium
  • Ask a Question: Asking questions lets your audience feel more involved and compelled to engage with you

Utilize Twitter’s Targeting Capabilities

So you’ve already narrowed it down by age group or gender. Want to know a secret? Twitter can do much, much more. Some notable targeting capabilities:

  • Keyword targeting: Send timely messages to consumers based on what they’ve recently tweeted or engaged with in tweets
  • Geography targeting: Reach as much as a worldwide audience or narrow your scope to a small town for maximum effect
  • Interest targeting: Zero in on users whose interests broadly align with that of your brand

Set Up Conversion Tracking

  • Conversion tracking looks at what happens after users see your ads on Twitter.
  • Whether people click on the link, retweet, favorite, or go directly to your site, you’ll know how they got there. You can use this tracking to target them in future marketing campaigns.


You can find more insights into creating a better and bolder campaign here.

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