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Sponsorships/Partnerships: Should you do it?

In recent months, our clients have been increasingly interested in partnerships, sponsorships and affiliate marketing, whether that is with a brand, an event or even a celebrity. We at[…]

Finessing WordPress.  Finding a theme you can call your own.

As a platform that started as a “one-size fits all” free platform for bloggers, WordPress has developed immensely. Now considered a top–level, easy-to-use content management system, the platform[…]

The Digital Magazine As The New PowerPoint

As a graphic designer, I often find myself creating PowerPoint presentations for a wide variety of needs. While a traditional PowerPoint presentation can be useful, they can quickly become boring or[…]

Startup News…Condensed for Your Convenience

Over at Startopia, T/K’s information ecosystem for all things startup, we’ve launched the Startup Takeaway, an ultra short, clever, weekly e-newsletter to inform you on hot topics in the startup[…]

X-HaleTK: Our New Staff Wellness Program

X-HaleTK, a staff wellness program, launched this year and offers each employee a $500 annual allowance to promote their own health and happiness. The allowance can be used for a variety of healthy[…]

Groovy Studios Wins 35+ Awards in 3 Years

Forgive our boasting. But Groovy Studios, T/K's in-house creative team, has won more than 35 awards in the last three years. From videography to designing case studies, infographics, print ads and[…]

Entrepreneurial Retreat on Richard Branson's Private Island

Bryan and Shannon Miles, co-founders of T/K client ea Help, recently joined Richard Branson, the world's most interesting entrepreneur, and a select group of others for a entrepreneur retreat on[…]

Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas

T/K Makes O'Dwyer's 2015 Rankings List

Trevelino/Keller ranks high among nation and Atlanta firms on O'Dwyer's 2015 list of Top PR Firms with major U.S. operations. Climbing to #83 in this year's rank of agencies across America,[…]

T/K's New PR and Digital Marketing Positioning

Always looking to remain ahead of the market, Trevelino/Keller has recently evolved its position to Public Relations & Digital Marketing firm, strategically holding onto its legacy business, while[…]

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