The New SXSW

You may be thrown off by the title of this blog post, but after reading an enlightening article by Marc Ruxin from TechCrunch titled “All Things SXSW (Re)Considered”, it felt appropriate.

Button, button, who's got the button?

Everything has a button these days. Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon. The list goes on and on. The latest button on the list? Social Giving!

Facebook Privacy Notice? You’re Smarter Than That.

About a week later after it started popping up on my News Feed, my Facebook friends seem to have finally realized that the ‘privacy notice’ protecting their personal details and data from[…]

Start-Up Council Now Accepting Applications for November 13 Roundtable

The Real Value of Social Media


Digital Atlanta

As I think you’ll agree, innovation and forward thinking converge in the digital hub of Atlanta.... its home to more than 13,000 high tech companies and one of America's most wired cities.[…]

What Does Your Twitter Say About You?

Grab a bag of popcorn and head to the silver screen!

Happy 10th Anniversary, GPS!

I was recently flipping through the latest issue of Fast Company when I noticed the short write-up from Erica Westly (find her on Twitter, @westlyer) about the 10th anniversary of GPS’s[…]

Spending Habits in 2010

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