The Fake News Phenomenon. Dead or Alive.

I remember the first time I was a victim of it. Socializing online a few years ago, I came across what I thought was the sad, premature death of an actor I admired. He wasn’t young, but he was at the[…]

Making Social Media Fun Again

Remember the early days of social media? Facebook was the province of college students, indie bands hoped to make it big on MySpace, and no one had heard of job titles like social media manager or[…]

Tenacity and Patience: How We Land Long-Lead Media Coverage

Patience is said to be a virtue, and no one is more familiar with the realities of this cliché than public relations professionals. Landing the right coverage for your client can take months of[…]

Ciox Selects Trevelino/Keller as Marketing Agency of Record

ATLANTA, April 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Ciox, a technology-driven healthcare company, announces its partnership with Trevelino/Keller, a full-service public relations and digital marketing agency.[…]

Stretch Zone® Selects Trevelino/Keller to Solidify First-Mover Position In Emerging Category

ATLANTA, March 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Stretch Zone®, the category pioneer in practitioner-assisted stretch, announces its partnership with Trevelino/Keller, a full-service, digital public relations[…]

Sakrete Selects Trevelino/Keller to Drive Public Relations and Content Development Strategy

ATLANTA, March 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Sakrete®, the first ready-mix bagged concrete company, announces its partnership with Trevelino/Keller, a full-service, digital public relations and marketing[…]

Building Value Through Audience Personas

We recently had the opportunity to work with a new business owner, who was looking to market gym wear to a “whoever will buy” audience. While this was not a bad place to start, we knew we had to[…]

15 Years. Blink of an Eye.

I remember the first year like a childhood house. Experiences inside the four walls, faces of the people who traipsed through at one time or another and, of course, the milestones. We’ve had a number[…]

New Space. New Edge.

The other day I walked into a prospect’s new office space. It was beautiful, modern and minimalist. I wanted to live there, admittedly because I’m a modernist. As I headed back to my own office, I[…]

The Magic of Social Voice

Leery of using social media for your brand? You’re not alone. Companies misuse (or simply misunderstand) social media all the time, and results can be disastrous. A quick Google search will lead you[…]

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