A Little Understanding Can Go a Long Way

Think back to your school days for a moment. At least once, or probably more, we all had that teacher who just didn’t get it. It’s not they weren’t passionate – it was simply that they weren’t quite[…]

Understanding the Financial Mindset

Every day we see how the power of innovation is disrupting the old ways we shop, eat, travel, socialize, date, communicate and, increasingly important, interact with our money. After all, without[…]

Taking Advantage of the Dark Is All Relative

The August 21 solar eclipse is all relative … to you as a business, consumer, astronomer or even NASA scientist. The relative importance that lies with the latter two is clear. Their predecessors --[…]

If Only There Were More Transparency in the Seven Kingdoms

As I find myself succumbing to cocktail party banter about the hottest binge-watching series, it often translates to me inserting myself to request affirmation about a series that’s likely no longer[…]

How to Think Like a Reporter for Front-Page Worthy Headlines

Early in my career as a public relations professional, I discovered you can't effectively pitch stories to media if you don't understand how their minds operate. How do journalists, bloggers and[…]

Making the Most of the Intern Experience (No Starbucks Runs Necessary)

Being in college, I’m always bombarded with advice about the next transition of life: finding a full-time job. The most popular advice I hear is, “Just do what you love, and the money will come.” I[…]

Break the Brand Routine

The economy is great, right? Dow is chasing a record 22,000. Quarterly earnings reports for the most part are strong, unless you’re a competitor to Amazon. As the saying goes, “If it ain’t broke,[…]

Market Spotlight: Wonder Women

Ever since its earliest days, Trevelino/Keller has represented fearless, independent entrepreneurs. We attract maverick clients because, frankly, we're a bit on the maverick side. And we are proud to[…]

Sexier than a Tagline? Nope, but a Brand Position Is Just as Crucial

These days, brand messages come wrapped in all kinds of packages. Companies prompt you to repost their tweets; pay Facebook to promote their photos; chase you around the Internet with ads. It makes[…]

AirDog Selects Trevelino/Keller for Next Drone Release

ATLANTA (June 20, 2017) – AirDog, leader in intelligent, all-terrain, autonomous camera drones, announces its partnership with Trevelino/Keller, a full-service digital public relations and marketing[…]

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