Building A Sales Funnel: 7 Steps To Whip Your Puny Site Into Shape

Your website is weak and out of shape…

Top 5 Reasons Franchises Should Embrace Hyperlocal Digital in 2017

As the marketing landscape shifts towards digital, our franchise clients are understanding the importance of how hyperlocal efforts can have a direct impact on a business. As franchises look ahead[…]

How To Build And Save Brand Reputation With PR

“If I was down to my last $100, I’d spend it on PR.” - Bill Gates

Is Digital the Best Way to Reach Millenials

Millennials—or Generation Y, depending on your preferred vocabulary – are now the primary consumer audience for many companies looking to market their products or services. However, understanding[…]

How To Research And Plan Your On-page SEO for Search Domination

Broken down in simple terms, organic search engine rankings are determined by how well a particular page on a website is optimized for the keyword phrases being searched for and how many[…]

How To Research and Create Target Customer Profiles From Scratch

First things first.  Who are you trying to reach? The best marketing, PR and digital strategies in the world won’t work if you don’t clearly define and understand your target audience. There's no[…]

Who Should Be Managing Your Digital?

There’s a land grab going on in the marketing space around digital marketing.  It’s as territorial and competitive as college football recruiting and satellite camps -- with traditional ad[…]

Discovery Point Selects Trevelino/Keller to Help Guide Franchise Expansion and Hyperlocal Marketing

ATLANTA, Nov. 7, 2016 /PRNewswire -- Discovery Point, a leading national childcare franchise, recently announced a partnership with Trevelino/Keller, a full service digital public relations and[…]

Trevelino/Keller Expands Digital Marketing Offerings

ATLANTA, Sept. 22, 2016 /PRNewswire -- Trevelino/Keller (T/K), a digital public relations (PR) and marketing agency, based in Atlanta, today announces the expansion of its digital marketing[…]

May the Road Rise to Meet You: Savannah’s XPlor Trip 


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