A Post From The Future

Dean Trevelino, co-founder of Trevelino/Keller, a digital public relations and marketing firm, and an avid ultra runner training for the 100-Mile --nobusiness100.com– goes for a run in the[…]

Business Radio X Tech Talk

The first Business Radio X Tech Talk presented in partnership with T/K, is with two companies in the healthcare space. They’re newly funded and have both worked with Raise Forum, a semi-annual event[…]

T/K Talks Tech Talk

What It Takes To Disrupt A Segment of An Industry

What does it mean to be a disruptor? Well, how does one influence an entire industry and come out on top? Simple – it takes vision, timing and fresh way to solve pain points, pain points that have[…]


We like to compete as much as the next company. Maybe even a bit more. And yes, we want to win. Not at all costs or really, any costs. We win with sweat equity … resourcefulness, a sense of urgency …[…]

Who should handle social media?

Have you noticed the trend in branded social media away from traditional brand voice and tone, and towards more humorous content and lighthearted tone? It’s not a mistake, and for the brands getting[…]

What’s On Our Mind

At T/K we are consumed by the role we play in tackling our client’s business opportunities and challenges. In that same spirit, it’s important to look inside our agency and challenge not only how we[…]

Back to Basics

As a digital strategist I’m often asked for my perspective on new tools and technology. Fortunately I’m always on the lookout. Here’s a rundown of the litany of snazzy “solutions” that have crossed[…]

The Art of the Pitch

Last month, I had the pleasure of leading a pitch session to a packed room at Tech Alpharetta. While some people may have just come for the pizza and beer, most seemed genuinely engaged in learning[…]

Recalibrate Your Workplace Mindset with Color

Want a more peaceful and productive work environment? Change the color.

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